Here is ASP.NET core 2.0 with new features launched for overcome the obstacle of ASP.NET core 1.0like lower performance, small set of API, limited framework libraries, Data Access , Security, synchronization , etc.

Here is some major features:

  • Performance – Huge increment in productivity by reducing maximum coding and faster and better web server platform. We can checked it on
  • Minimum code –“Few Line and Everything done”. In previous version you need to set up everything like web server and directory in the main method even if you want IIS, you need to integrate it,but with new version everything is done with “CreateDefaultBuilder” Method.
  • Razor Pages –Most welcoming feature because in one fileyou find everything which make much easier and faster to make web app,especially for newcomers because with razor pages get page layout , themes, web partsalso standardMVC patterns and new paradigm of MVVP.Also it gave important to UI implementation rather than controller.
  • Meta Packages – It provide Runtime Meta package “AspNetCore.All” for dependencies so no need to implement and depend on other package.
  • It’s already provide SPA Template which include all latest version of Angular Js, React Js and Knockout Js so it gives you ready made project which have all package.
  • .NET standard 2.0 -This version expand range of API to 70% so that will enable to reference full framework libraries so that easy portability of code without major change can offer easy deployment of your app on Linux and Mac.
  • Visual Basic support .Net core programming language as well MSBuild so we can easily create different type of Application.

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