nopCommerce 4.0 What’s New

Last week I was taking with one of my existing client on benefits of nopCommerce and he asked me does it supports .net core ? I was sure that till 3.9 it was not supported but guess what 3 days later I received release notes of latest update from nopCommerce and main thing I found was platform upgraded to .net core both me and my client were so happy and excited.

Yes Asp.Net core Support has been added to nopCommerce 4.0

Although there has been tons of enhancements done in latest version but one of the key enhancement done is moving the full project to core in order to make this product cross compatible which will really bring in value and give it edge over other eCommerce solutions.

Another major improvement is nopCommerce 4.0 is GDPR secure (The General Data Protection Act, an act that has been introduce across Europe for personal data protection).

With this powerful act, the individuals will now gain the right to have their personal data erased or not disseminated further, including potentially halting third parties from processing the data. They can choose to move their data and can even object to having it processes to direct marketing purposes.

Other minor improvements includes :

1) previously in order to upload a plugin one has to go to the code and then upload now they have improved that and you do not need to go to physical code you can directly upload plugin from admin.

2) They have Added support for importing picture of product by URL, this becomes a very useful utility specially content is hosted on CDN.

3) Another important feature is they have added ability to allow a store owner to disable checkout process, so store owner can stop taking orders.

4) Another powerful feature is Gift wrapping for any product now store owner or admin will have the capability to turn on gift wrapping and that one can charge additional amount for the same.

Complete list of features list and bugs resolved could be found from here :

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