5 Key Tips to Help You Choosing Right Content Management System (CMS)


Have you ever been into a situation where in your technical or SEO team will request you to have a content management system in place but you were unable to decide which one to go with ?
This article is meant for the business who needs guidance in deciding whether to use CMS or not and if so which CMS platform.

1) Why CMS ?

Any website that has the possibility of frequent content change must be built inside Content management system only.

Key benefits that you get with any CMS
1) Ease in maintaining content
2) Less dependency on development team
3) SEO team can easily make necessary changes themselves and even publish new content themselves.
4) Plugins or extension available can save a lot of efforts

I have seen business owners that needs only functional aspects will first focus on that get it developed and then later on thinking about CMS which makes it difficult for tech team to implement CMS. Rather, it is best to build such websites inside good expandable CMS platforms only.

e.g. if you would have seen any travel portals they would be mostly API driven, but we always recommend to implement it from scratch inside a good CMS.
Building a website like this will help you to get yourself quickly set up and start initiating your business.

Most of the popular CMS available in the market has been following architectures which could easily be extended and custom plugin or extension could easily be developed.
Hence, from small 5-page website to large enterprise scale website if there is possibility of website content change it must be built inside CMS.

2) What capabilities do I need ?

It is very important to know what all feature set do I need.

Ease of editing content : it is very important to pick CMS under which content editing is easier, there are CMS with extremely difficult interface. Hence, then there would be a learning curve on how to use CMS which must be avoided.

Other Features : Other than this there would be many other items which could be there which you would want from your CMS e.g.

  • Do you want a headless CMS?
  • How many functions other than content management is required and accordingly how easy or hard it is to implement those functions must be evaluated ?
  • What all 3rd party integrations might be required ?
3) What is my teams capability ?

There are CMS available under almost all programming languages but it must also taken into consideration that what is key strength of my team e.g. for a team working with .net technology would definitely prefer.net based CMS like sitefinity or Dnn.

Hence, team’s technology strength must also be kept in mind I am not suggesting this should be the only factor but it must be there in a list.

4) What could be the future need ?

Business owner must take into consideration future needs as well and technical team must validate that against feature set available for the CMS.

E.g. business owner wants a typical payment gateway to be implemented at later stage but technical team must validate how much time-consuming it would be for CMS with plugin ready this could be 30 mins job but otherwise it can take time.

5) Compare CMS options.

Once your team suggest 1 or 2 CMS options if you want to compare feature set you can check out from their website however if there are more CMS in consideration you can even use sites like cmsmatrix and compare features easily.

It is most important to understand licensing and pricing aspects.

Certain CMS are open source hence there will be less hassle but again in case of open source we must understand type of licensing policy is there you can here this

Different CMS used to have different pricing model also pricing for cloud offering would be on recurrent basis. So depending upon budget and technology selected best option must be chosen.

Your preference ?
If personally someone will ask me for any default marketing site I would definitely go with WordPress especially if it is a small 5-page website with key focus OS on content.

However, if someone is looking to develop an enterprise scale application I would recommend using Sitefinity or DNN even.

For any further inquiries I could be reached via my email maulik@envitics.com or you can visit my website https://envitics.com/contactus/
and fill in the form real quick and send it back and I would be more than happy to answer.

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