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What is Commune Chat?

IIt is a web based saas solution for chat. Weather it is one to one or group chat commune chat is the solution.


Signalr, Mongo DB, AWS cloud services


.Net framework

Key Features

  • Single chat, group chat
  • Broadcast messages.
  • Easily share content uploaded
  • Pay as you go feature recurring billing implemented with Skrill


Client wanted to create a robust cloud based chat application which must be extensible and client also wanted to offer this as Saas Model with various features.


We suggested using signalr as the frontend to give optimal chat performance at the same time considering extensive data we suggested NoSQL database like Mongo DB.

We also suggested S3 to store chat history which can give a capability to store for larger no of days.


Because of the excellent technology stack and excellent implementation client was extremely happy with the solution provided and has launched this application in no time.