What is Matchcentric.com ?

One stop solution for students attending residencies & fellowship programs in United States. An excellent platform for information gathering and sharing with Rich User interface.


Front end: Angular JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, bootstrap

Back end: asp.Net Web APIs

Database: My SQL and Mongo DB


. Net Framework

Key Features

  • Use of ag grid control to show table like Google sheet all the places.
  • Extensive usage of frontend controls.
  • History maintenance for each cell of the table.
  • Implementation of Google maps and location based searches (called couples match)


Main challenge was to implement a robust history mechanism for each of the cell so that when any change occurs it gets recorded automatically and then we can retrieve at later stage.


We suggested to implement MySQL trigger on respective table to generate history so whenever any data changes occurs those trigger records changes under separate history tables. And it would not require any additional logical change under existing code which was already there.


This saved lot of time at the same time triggers worked so seamless that it was very easy to maintain these trigger.

We also built excellent Front end on top of this client was extremely happy with this.