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Procurement platform

Developed a robust procurement plateform for South aftica based customer

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Implemented end to end Procurement application that covers following key modules/capabilities:


Procurement solution




5 Years

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Problem Identification

Procurement Plateform was facing several challenges due to manual / human driven processing. Below are few of those:

Large and complex data set management was error prone and difficult to handle

Document Verification was time consuming and prone to human errors due to manual processing

Vendor and supplier communication was manual and over emails which led to extended time.

Due to lack of Client side sync mechanism frequent data inconsistancy was observed.

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Improved Vendor and supplier Relationship

Improved vendor management

Robust Risk and performance analysis

Improved Supplier Relationships

Increased Efficiencies

Analytical Insights

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Design & Development Process

Created mockups/wireframe for any new module and documented all modules.

Used full Agile methodology to implement functionalities

we followed daily/weekly scrum call and used Azure task management for tracking and managing daily tasks.

Used MS teams / skype for IMs and regular communication.

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Results & Impact

New enhanced Procurement Plateform had a singnificant impact on overall business of the organization. some of the key benefits includes:

Enhanced User Engagement

Improved Vendor and supplier Relationship

Robust Risk and performance analysis

Improved Supplier Relationships

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Redesigning with a focus on enhancing the image experience proved to be a successful endeavor. By addressing the challenges related to image loading, consistency, and interactivity, the website achieved improved user engagement and conversion rates. The case study demonstrates the importance of prioritizing image optimization and user-centric features to create a visually appealing and effective e-commerce platform.