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Developed a robust learning platform for india based customer

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Implemented end to end learning management application that covers following key Modules/capabilities:


Learning Platform



5 Years

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Problem Identification

Teachpuil was facing several chellanges due manual/human driven processing. below are few of those:

Difficult to handle multiple institute on single platform

Difficult to connect with learners during online present.

Course certifcate generation was time consuming process.

Quiz was difficult to conduct manually for outside learner

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Handle multiple Institutes,learners and Instructors on single platform

Online Quiz with result and certificate

Robust learning managmenet platform

Easy payment system

Strong report capabilities

Coupon code system

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Design & Development Process

Created mockups/wireframe for any new module and documented all modules.

Used full Agile methodology to implement functionalities

We followed daily/weekly scrum call and used Jira board for tracking and managing daily tasks.

Used zoom/skype for IMs and regular communication.

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Results & Impact

New enhanced Teachpupil had a singnificant impact on overall business of the organization. some of the key benefits includes:

Enhanced User Engagement

Improved Institue, learner and instructor relationship

Multi leave security

You can host the online course with your own domain name

Live chat feature

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The successful implementation of an end-to-end learning management application by Teachpupil has brought about transformative changes for the startup’s learning platform. The Application’s Comprehensive Modules and Capabilities, Encompassing Institute Management, Course Management, Project Management, Batch Management, Quiz Module, Payment Integration, Zoom Meeting Integration and Live Chat, have effectively addressed the challenges inherent in manual and human-driven processes. By recognizing and overcoming obstacles such as managing multiple institutes on a single platform, facilitating seamless learner engagement during online presentations, streamlining course certificate generation, and simplifying the process of conducting quizzes for external learners, Teachpupil has achieved significant progress.

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