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What is Traveltrendzhub?

Traveltrendzhub is a complete end to end travel portal for both b2c and b2b market in travel industry.


Front end:Angular JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, bootstrap

Back end:Asp.Net C# Web API’s.

Database:MSSQL database


Single Page Architecture in .Net Framework

Key Features

There were numerous features including

  • External APIs integration including hotel beds, virgin Australia.
  • Aggregation of real time data from different feed providers
  • Custom build CMS of all front end pages
  • Payment gateway like NAB (National Australian bank) integrated in to the system


Client wanted us to create a robust solution for both b2b and b2c in travel industry with list of features. Performance is going to be the key as client wanted to have an aggregator engine.


We suggested single page architecture with the help of frontend framework angular. Client accepted the same and we could be able to achieve excellent performance.


Client was very happy with the solution provided.