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What is Project Management System ?

PMS is a one stop solution for senior level management in medium to large scale organizations (Specially IT software) for managing and tracking invoices, cost, employees as well as pictorial representation (with the help of charts /graph) helps management identifying root cause of problem and resolving them easily.


Front end:HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Back end:Asp.Net MVC5



. Net Framework

Key Features

  • Easy to understandable graphical representation of the projects.
  • Invoice Management System
  • Easy to view project summary
  • Set projection for next month, year and can compare it with actual output data and see its representation under charts.
  • Represent every day, week, month and yearly report easily on chart.


Client wants to create one CMS application from where he can manage multiple projects where he can easily get summarized data from charts.


We have developed end to end system from scratch using Asp.Net MVC 5. And have worked accordingly to client’s expectation and developed system with excellent quality product.


Client was happy with solution provided.